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City Club of Cleveland - Promoting U.S. Interests Abroad
James K. Glassman will discuss the role of innovative technology in encouraging global communication and helping promote U.S. interests abroad, work he became known for at the State Department. He will show how this approach can have a positive impact on the stagnant global, national and local economy. Mr. Glassman will also recommend ways to encourage investment in new technologies emphasizing the expansion of communication networks specific to Ohio.

Glassman was quoted in a recent Washington Post article as saying, "...I do think there will be some disappointment because there is anticipation a) that President Obama will solve all the problems in the world, and b) that his foreign policy -- I don't think it's going to be all that much different from what we've seen." (March 8, 2009) Author of the 1999 book, Dow: 36,000, Glassman maintains his belief that the Dow will reach 36,000, he will not make predictions as to when, however.
March 20, 2009