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City Club of Cleveland - Billy Packer
Originally from New York, Billy Packer attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina where he played guard on the school's basketball team. He helped lead the team to two ACC titles and the 1962Final Four. He was a member of the Delta Nu chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity.

After graduation, he had a brief stint as an assistant coach for his alma mater. In 1972, Packer began his career in broadcasting inRaleigh, NC, when he was asked to fill in as an analyst for a regionally televised ACC game. Packer became a regular the next season.

Packer is known for his eccentric behavior off camera and sometimes controversial statements. He's been known to play golf courses in reverse, from green to tee. He involved himself in high profile legal cases hiring a psychic to find the weapon in the O.J. Simpson murder case and started a legal defense fund for Richard Jewell. He purchased Picasso ceramics and displays them in makeshift plexiglass and plywood work desk he had created. Packer directed his interest in politics into approaching 123 random women, without identifying himself, asking them if they'd vote for Hillary Clinton.
February 27, 2009