00:00:00Convene Session/InvocationFather Bill Wysong, St. Rita's School for Deaf, Cincinnati, OH
00:04:21Pledge of AllegianceSavannah and Heather Jay Hottinger, Brooks Christina Austin Gardner
00:04:41AnnouncementsCantor Sarah Sager, Fairmount Temple, Cleveland, OH
00:06:31AnnouncementsPipe and Drum Corp, Color Guard
00:10:26Swearing InRandy Gardner
00:12:51Swearing InJeffrey M. Jeff Jacobson
00:14:36Swearing InSteve Austria
00:16:01Swearing InJim Jordan
00:17:21Swearing InPriscilla Mead
00:18:49Swearing InBill Harris
00:20:28Swearing InRon Amstutz
00:21:41Swearing InRobert F. Robert Spada
00:23:16Swearing InLynn Wachtmann, Bruce Johnson, Richard Finan
00:25:11Swearing InJeffry Armbruster, Roy Ray, Scott Oelslager, Jay Hottinger
00:26:56Swearing InScott Nein, Louis Blessing, Doug White
00:28:44Swearing InRobert Gardner, James Carnes, Larry Mumper
00:30:49Swearing InTimothy Ryan
00:32:54Swearing InRhine L. McLin, Linda J. Furney, Ben Espy, Michael Shoemaker
00:35:08Swearing InC.J. C. J. Prentiss, Dan Brady, Eric Fingerhut, Robert Hagan
00:36:46Swearing InLeigh Herington, Greg DiDonato
00:39:11Convene Session
00:39:41Swearing InRichard H. Finan, President
00:58:31Elected Officials - Voting ResultsBruce E. Johnson, President Pro Tem
01:05:04Elected Officials - Voting ResultsJay Hottinger, Assistant President Pro Tem
01:10:46Elected Officials - Voting ResultsRandy Gardner, Majority Whip
01:17:08Swearing InBruce Johnson, Jay Hottinger, Randy Gardner
01:18:51Elected Officials - Voting ResultsLeigh Herington, Minority Leader
01:26:01Elected Officials - Voting ResultsGreg DiDonato, Assistant Minority Leader
01:29:26Elected Officials - Voting ResultsDaniel Brady, Minority Whip
01:35:51Elected Officials - Voting ResultsMark Mallory, Assistant Minority Whip
01:40:11Swearing InLeigh Herington, Greg DiDonato, Daniel Brady, Mark Mallory
01:42:23Swearing InMatthew Schuler, Clerk of the Senate
01:48:41AnnouncementsSarah Sager, Prayer for our Journey
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