00:00:00Convene committee
00:00:01Roll call
00:01:30H.B. No. 123
00:01:47Testimony - Alex Horowitz, The Pew Charitable Trusts
00:08:48Q&A - Sen. Scott Oelslager
00:09:41Followup - Sen. Scott Oelslager
00:10:50Q&A - Sen. Jay Hottinger
00:12:06Followup - Sen. Jay Hottinger
00:12:53Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
00:14:02Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
00:14:35Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:15:20Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:15:56Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:16:50Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:18:20Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:22:02Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:22:56Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:23:50Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:24:21Q&A - Sen. John Eklund
00:25:28Followup - Sen. John Eklund
00:26:40Q&A - Sen. Jay Hottinger
00:28:35Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
00:29:40Q&A - Sen. Sykes
00:30:38Q&A - Sen. John Eklund
00:31:39Followup - Sen. John Eklund
00:31:53Followup - Sen. John Eklund
00:33:05Followup - Sen. John Eklund
00:34:45Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
00:36:42Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:37:17Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:39:26Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:40:06Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:41:15Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:42:25Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:42:53Q&A - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
00:43:35Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
00:44:48Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
00:46:31Q&A - Sen. Bill Beagle
00:48:02Testimony - Douglas Fecher, Wright-Patt Credit Union
00:54:06Q&A - Sen. Jay Hottinger
00:55:42Q&A - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
00:57:09Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
00:58:46Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
00:59:05Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:59:58Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:00:28Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:00:47Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:04:54Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:06:12Testimony - Carl Ruby, Central Christian Church
01:15:20Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
01:15:52Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:17:12Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
01:17:28Q&A - Sen. Scott Oelslager
01:18:54Testimony - David Thomas
01:25:39Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
01:26:40Comment - Sen. Scott Oelslager
01:27:15Testimony - Michal Marcus, HFLA of Northeast Ohio
01:32:27Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
01:33:02Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:33:30Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:34:17Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
01:35:03Testimony - Susan Jagers, Ohio Poverty Law Center
01:38:13Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
01:40:15Testimony - Ashish Gandhi, Cash Plus Silverton
02:01:47Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
02:10:52Report - Sen. Huffman
02:41:32Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
02:43:33Followup - Sen. Peggy Lehner
02:44:41Followup - Sen. Peggy Lehner
02:47:39Followup - Sen. Peggy Lehner
02:48:08Comment - Sen. Scott Oelslager
02:49:15Q&A - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
02:53:53Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
02:57:35Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
03:00:01Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
03:03:07Followup - Sen. Michael J. Skindell
03:03:56Q&A - Sen. Jay Hottinger
03:12:07Followup - Sen. Jay Hottinger
03:14:01Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
03:16:11Followup - Sen. Peggy Lehner
03:18:20Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
03:22:02Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
03:23:14Q&A - Sen. Sykes
03:27:22Followup - Sen. Sykes
03:27:56Comment - Sen. Scott Oelslager
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