00:00:00Convene committee
00:00:11Roll call
00:01:05S.B. No. 289
00:01:21Testimony - Sen. Stephanie Kunze
00:04:41Q&A - Sen. Gardner
00:07:39Q&A - Sen. Lou Terhar
00:09:03Sub. H.B. No. 21
00:10:39At ease
00:10:48Reconvene committee
00:10:52Offering of amendments
00:11:48Comment - Sen. Manning
00:12:24Comment - Sen. Huffman
00:12:51Comment - Sen. Lou Terhar
00:16:02Am. H.B. No. 87
00:16:34S.B. No. 241
00:17:17Testimony - Dr. Joseph Beeson, Lake Center Christian School
00:22:02Q&A - Sen. Lou Terhar
00:24:49Followup - Sen. Lou Terhar
00:26:24Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
00:27:46Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:28:18Followup - Sen. Bill Coley
00:29:06Q&A - Sen. Huffman
00:30:28Q&A - Sen. Lou Terhar
00:30:57Followup - Sen. Huffman
00:32:07Point of personal privilege - Sen. Sykes
00:33:00Testimony - Richard Osborne, Villa Angela St. Joseph High School
00:37:53Q&A - Sen. Lou Terhar
00:42:38Testimony - Bill Cervenik, Villa Angela St. Joseph High School
00:49:23Testimony - Daniel Meixner, Chaminade Julianne Catholic High School
00:52:54Q&A - Sen. Huffman
00:54:53Followup - Sen. Huffman
00:55:29Q&A - Sen. Peggy Lehner
00:58:03Q&A - Sen. Lou Terhar
01:00:08Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:00:48Followup - Sen. Sykes
01:02:00Followup - Sen. Sykes
01:03:09Followup - Sen. Sykes
01:03:40Testimony - Lee Reno, Association of Christian Schools International
01:06:31Comment - Sen. Huffman
01:07:16Q&A - Sen. Huffman
01:07:39Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
01:08:45Testimony - Troy McIntosh, Worthington Christian Schools
01:14:08Testimony - Chris Wiser, Bishop Ready High School
01:18:30Q&A - Sen. Bill Coley
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