00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:06Roll Call
00:00:23Actuary and Consulting Services RFP
00:00:29Comments - Alex Strickmaker
00:01:05Actuary and Consulting Services RFP - Vote
00:01:45Convene Session
00:01:51Roll Call
00:02:10Investment Performance Evaluation Services RFP
00:02:12Comments - Alex Strickmaker
00:02:39Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:03:33Investment Performance Evaluation Services RFP - Vote
00:04:00Convene Session
00:04:05Roll Call
00:04:54Actuary Consulting Services RFP
00:04:57Comments - Rep. Plummer
00:06:24Actuary Consulting Services RFP - Vote
00:07:00Investment Performance Evaluation RFP
00:07:04Comments - Sen. Blessing
00:08:25Investment Performance Evaluation RFP - Vote
00:09:00FY 2024 ORSC Budget
00:09:06Comments - Bethany Rhodes
00:11:40Q&A - Ed Montgomery
00:13:10Q&A - Sen. Schuring
00:13:24Q&A - Lora Miller
00:14:24Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:14:57Q&A - Lora Miller
00:15:57Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:17:20FY 2024 ORSC Budget - Vote
00:18:05Sub. S. B. No. 6
00:18:08Comments - Jeff Bernard
00:23:20Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:26:09Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
00:27:50Q&A - Rep. Bird
00:29:35S. B. No. 6 - Vote
00:30:20H. B. No. 78
00:30:28Comments - Jeff Bernard
00:33:30Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
00:35:00Q&A - Dr. Anthony Podojil
00:36:33Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:39:00H. B. No. 78 - Vote
00:39:38Appointment of Sub Committee for Auditor Referrals
00:40:152022 Disability Report
00:40:22Testimony - Karen Carraher, Executive Director, Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
00:43:18Testimony - Mary Beth Foley, Executive Director, Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund
00:44:48Testimony - Carl Roark, Executive Director, Ohio State Highway Patrol Retirement System
00:47:05Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:48:10STRS, SERS Budgets
00:48:15Testimony - Lynn Hoover, CFO, STRS
00:51:55Q&A - Rep. Lightbody
00:53:10Q&A - Rep. Plummer
00:56:30Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
00:58:00Q&A - Rep. Bird
01:01:45Q&A - Ed Montgomery
01:02:46Q&A - Dr. Anthony Podojil
01:06:02Q&A - Ed Montgomery
01:07:22Testimony - Richard Stensrud, Executive Director, School Employees Retirement System of Ohio
01:16:01Testimony - William Neville, Executive Director, State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio
01:20:50Comments - Jeff Bernard
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