00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:09Roll Call
00:00:43Comments - Sen. Gavarone
00:02:17Comments - Rep. Callender
00:04:41Presentation of Resolution to Executive Director Larry Wolpert
00:05:29Reading of No Change Agenda - Director Wolpert
00:06:28Reading of Regular Agenda - Director Wolpert
00:08:11Regular Agenda Item #51
00:08:53Testimony - Tom Selman, Founder, Scopus Financial Group
00:17:54Testimony - Anya Coverman, President, Institute for Portfolio Alternatives
00:26:20Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
00:27:20Q&A - Rep. Stewart
00:30:00Q&A - Rep. Callender
00:38:52Comments - Director Wolpert
00:41:53Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
00:42:55Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:50:45Q&A - Sen. Lang
00:56:43Testimony - Andrea Seidt, Commissioner of the Division of Securities
01:14:11Testimony - Tom Geyer, attorney
01:18:35Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
01:19:39Q&A - Rep. Callender
01:22:29Q&A - Sen. Gavarone
01:25:48Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
01:28:45Q&A - Rep. Stewart
01:33:11Q&A - Rep. Callender
01:38:04Q&A - Sen. Lang
01:40:10Q&A - Sen. Martin
01:43:36Q&A - Sen. Brenner
01:44:15Motion to Put into Rule - Sen. Gavarone
01:45:08Q&A - Rep. Callender
01:50:24Vote - Put into Rule
01:51:22Regular Agenda Item #11
01:53:47Testimony - Vicki Deisner, Animal Welfare Institute
02:00:09Testimony - Alba Gonzalez, veterinarian and owner of Rascal Unit
02:05:38Testimony - Carly Fry, Ohio Animal Advocates
02:08:10Testimony - Mark Finneran, State Director, Humane Society of the United States
02:11:56Testimony - Jack Advent, Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
02:16:50Testimony - Todd Thatcher, legislative liaison Ohio Department of Agriculture and Jacquie Keller-Potvin
02:22:05Q&A - Rep. Skindell
02:24:02Q&A - Rep. Callender
02:25:01Q&A - Rep. Skindell
02:26:23Q&A - Sen. Craig
02:29:03Q&A - Rep. Skindell
02:29:33Motion to Invalidate Rule - Rep. Skindell
02:30:12Comments - Rep. Callender
02:31:52Vote - Invalidate Rule
02:32:26Regular Agenda Item #26
02:32:54Testimony - Tim Johnson, Cannabis Safety First
02:37:28Testimony - Kylynne Johnson, Ohio State Board of Pharmacy
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