00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:00:46H. B. No. 297
00:01:00Testimony - Rep. Scott Wiggam
00:06:27Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
00:11:35H. B. No. 325
00:11:56Testimony - John Weber, NRA-ILA
00:14:53Testimony - Rob Sexton, Buckeye Firearms Association
00:22:10Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
00:29:48H. B. No. 243
00:29:57Amendment - Rep. Seitz
00:30:40Vote - Amendment
00:32:20H. B. No. 227
00:32:43Testimony - Rob Sexton, Buckeye Firearms Association
00:41:06Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
00:44:58Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:47:03Testimony - Micaela Deming, Ohio Domestic Violence Network
00:52:26Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:54:20Q&A - Rep. Sykes
00:58:35Testimony - Laura Robertson-Boyd, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
01:04:11Q&A - Rep. Jones
01:06:20Q&A - Rep. Sykes
01:07:22Testimony - Shannon Mulligan, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
01:09:44Testimony - Andrea R. Yagoda, opponent
01:18:50Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
01:21:35Testimony - Doug Rogers, opponent
01:30:35Q&A - Rep. Galonski
01:32:13Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
01:35:31Q&A - Rep. Plummer
01:39:33Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:42:15Testimony - Shannon Gallagher, Moms Demand Action
01:45:43Testimony - Chris Dorr, Ohio Gun Owners
01:52:55Testimony - Rosie Craig, League of Women Voters of Ohio
02:01:10Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
02:03:57Testimony - Michelle Heim, opponent
02:08:43Testimony - Marion Harris, opponent
02:13:00Testimony - Tiffany Murray, opponent
02:20:30Testimony - John Weber, NRA-ILA
02:28:04Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
02:32:03Testimony - Ann Shroyer, opponent
02:35:32Testimony - Todd Rathner, Firearms Policy Coalition
02:40:47Q&A - Rep. Sweeney
02:48:24Q&A - Rep. White
02:51:24Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:58:41Testimony - Sieglinde Martin, opponent
03:08:06Testimony - Betsy Mitchell, read by Mimi Karon, opponents
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