00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:01:08H. B. No. 49
00:01:32Testimony - Jessica Koehler, Ohio Right to Life
00:05:55Q&A - Rep. Sykes
00:12:21Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
00:13:19Testimony - Ken Radtke Jr, Chester Township
00:18:22Q&A - Rep. Rogers
00:19:54Q&A - Rep. Robert Sprague
00:22:54Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
00:24:14Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
00:24:52Q&A - Rep. Robert Sprague
00:25:36Testimony - james Flaiz, Geauga County
00:32:37Q&A - Rep. Gary Scherer
00:33:45Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
00:35:45Q&A - Rep. Sarah LaTourette
00:37:30Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
00:39:34Testimony - John Bruenig, Opticians Association of Ohio
00:44:45Q&A - Rep. Robert R. Cupp
00:45:56Testimony - Matt Stanton, Cleveland Clinic
00:49:57Q&A - Rep. Sykes
00:52:00Q&A - Rep. Marlene Anielski
00:55:43Q&A - Rep. Green
00:57:15Testimony - Amy Dorrington, UC Health
01:02:02Q&A - Rep. Kelly
01:03:30Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
01:05:40Testimony - Cheri Walter, Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities
01:11:30Q&A - Rep. Robert Sprague
01:16:18Q&A - Rep. Ryan
01:18:04Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
01:22:15Q&A - Rep. Sykes
01:25:58Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
01:31:02Q&A - Rep. Rick Perales
01:32:26Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
01:34:42Q&A - Rep. Anne Gonzales
01:36:34Testimony - Dr. John McCay, Ohio Conference AAUP
01:46:48Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
01:53:57Q&A - Rep. William Reineke
01:55:40Q&A - Rep. Mike Duffey
01:59:38Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:03:00Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
02:08:18Q&A - Rep. Rick Perales
02:09:38Q&A - Rep. Keith Faber
02:14:01Q&A - Rep. Scott Lipps
02:17:00Testimony - Beverly Oswalt, Elizabeth's New Life Center
02:20:54Q&A- Rep. Sykes
02:25:14Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
02:31:28Testimony - Patricia Todak, Heartbeat of Toledo
02:38:39Q&A - Rep. Sykes
02:51:29Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
02:56:49Q&A - Rep. Sarah LaTourette
02:59:37Testimony - Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Ohio Association of Foodbanks
03:10:32Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
03:13:45Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
03:15:43Testimony - Matt Verber, Educopia
03:20:00Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
03:20:53Testimony - Julie Dirossi-King, Ohio Association of Community Health Centers
03:26:30Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
03:28:47Q&A - Rep. Scott Lipps
03:30:50Q&A - Rep. Rogers
03:34:46Testimony - Barbara Shaner, Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO)
03:58:53Q&A - Rep. Mike Duffey
04:01:34Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
04:09:34Q&A - Rep. Robert R. Cupp
04:11:30Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
04:15:56Q&A - Rep. Ardnt
04:20:35Q&A - Rep. Ryan
04:21:21Testimony - John Newsome, City of Columbus
04:27:37Q&A - Rep. Mike Duffey
04:30:08Q&A - Rep. Sykes
04:36:49Q&A - Rep. Nickie J. Antonio
04:39:26Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
04:41:52Q&A - Rep. Mike Duffey
04:54:40Testimony - Thomas Atkins, Garnet A. Wilson Public Library
04:59:02Testimony - Joe Palmer, Mansfield/Richland County Public Library
05:04:14Testimony - Kim Fender, Public Library of Cincinnati
05:08:36Comments - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
05:09:55Q&A - Rep. Kelly
05:11:17Testimony - Joel Potts, Ohio Job and Family Services Directors Association
05:13:08Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
05:16:13Q&A - Rep. Green
05:17:32Testimony - Nancy McArthur, City of Chardon
05:21:11Q&A - Rep. Mike Duffey
05:22:57Testimony - Mark Davis, Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA)
05:28:58Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
05:29:57Q&A - Rep. Rick Perales
05:32:15Q&A - Rep. Scott Lipps
05:34:03Testimony - Pat McKnight, Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
05:45:22Testimony - Doug Kelly, Make-A-Wish
05:48:00Testimony - Dr. Anup Patel, Nationwide Children's Hospital
05:55:08Testimony - Howard Warner, Ohio Barber Board
05:59:33Q&A - Rep. Rogers
06:01:20Testimony - Angela Van Fossen, Ohio Contractors Association
06:04:31Comments - Rep. Jack Cera
06:04:59Q&A - Rep. Ardnt
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