00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:01:00H. B. No. 110
00:01:42Testimony - Tiffany Bukoffsky, Ohio Nurses Association
00:12:21Testimony - Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Ohio Association of Foodbanks
00:21:42Testimony - Chad Aldis, Thomas B. Fordham Institute
00:27:24Testimony - Angela Sausser, Public Children's Services Association of Ohio
00:33:51Testimony - Danny Brenneman, Coshocton County Dept. of Job and Family Services
00:39:52Testimony - Chip Spinning, Franklin County Children's Services
00:45:13Testimony - Sarah Hayden, Warren County Children's Services
00:52:13Comment - Rep. Richardson
00:52:40Comment - Rep. Caruthers
00:53:12Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
00:54:59Q&A - Rep. West
00:58:10Comment - Rep. Hoops
01:00:52Testimony - Shawn Lenney, Greater Ohio Virtual School
01:09:54Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:11:50Q&A - Rep. Howse
01:14:24Testimony - Tracy Najera, Children's Defense Fund
01:20:08Q&A - Rep. West
01:24:47Testimony - Kelly Vyzral, Children's Defense Fund
01:32:18Q&A - Rep. Crawley
01:38:11Testimony - Peter Moore, Ohio Provider Resource Association
01:44:55Testimony - Lisa Gray, Ohio Excels
01:53:41Q&A - Rep. Cross
01:55:24Testimony - Gary Cook, Ohio Association of Area Agencies of Aging
02:15:00Testimony - Shannon Isom, YWCA of Dayton
02:22:21Q&A - Rep. Hicks-Hudson
02:28:46Testimony - Kent Scarrett, Ohio Municipal League
02:43:52Q&A - Rep. Troy
02:48:28Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
02:52:14Q&A - Rep. Hicks-Hudson
02:56:37Testimony - Dave Cocagne, Silver Birch Lining
03:03:23Q&A - Rep. Lipps
03:06:27Q&A - Rep. Kick
03:08:31Q&A - Rep. Hicks-Hudson
03:13:03Testimony - Keary McCarthy, Ohio Mayors Alliance
03:18:49Q&A - Rep. Kelly
03:24:42Testimony - Dan Langshaw
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