00:04:59Convene Session/InvocationOpening Prayer by Sarah Sager
00:08:42RecognitionAppointment of Edna Brown as Clerk Pro Tempore
00:09:21Swearing InHouse Districts 1-11
00:13:41Swearing InHouse Districts 12-22
00:15:46Swearing InHouse Districts 23-33
00:18:11Swearing InHouse Districts 34-44
00:20:45Swearing InHouse Districts 45-55
00:23:10Swearing InHouse Districts 56-66
00:25:26Swearing InHouse Districts 67-77
00:27:54Swearing InHouse Districts 78-88
00:30:11Swearing InHouse Districts 89-99
00:32:49RecognitionOfficial convening of the 128th General Assembly with remarks by outgoing Speaker Jon Husted
00:35:02Elected Officials - Voting ResultsRep. Matt Lundy nominates Rep. Armond Budish as Speaker of the House of Representatives
01:09:24Elected Officials - Voting ResultsRep. Stephen Dyer nominates Rep. Matt Szollosi for Speaker Pro Tempore
01:20:33Resolution - HR 1Relative to the election of majority officers
01:24:43Resolution - HR 2Relative to the election of the minority leader
01:28:50Resolution - HR 3Relative to the election of minority officers
01:32:10Resolution - HR 4Relative to the election of administrative officers
01:34:29Resolution - HR 5Relative to personnel of the House of Representatives
01:35:17Resolution - HR 6To provide for the offering of the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
01:36:09Resolution - HCR 1Relative to the committee to wait upon the Governor
01:37:00Resolution - HCR 2Relative to the Inauguration of the President
01:37:48Resolution - HCR 3Relative to a Joint Convention
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