DVD : The State of Ohio - Privatizing the Ohio Turnpike
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Ohio elections officials plan to spend about $3 million dollars on newspaper ads outlining the three state issues on this November's ballot, plus the arguments for and against each one - and a disclaimer. A state lawmaker and physics professor from Illinois and an attorney from suburban Cleveland have won a contest to attempt to draw the fairest maps of Ohio's districts for state lawmakers. Ohio's election chief is rolling out a program aimed at making voting easier for members of the armed forces stationed overseas. Ohio's 600-plus public school districts have improved on their grades over last year's annual report card.

A proposal to lease out the Ohio Turnpike to a private company was not in the two year state budget that's now two months old. But it's certainly something that's under consideration, since it could save the state money and bring in billions of dollars. But critics have been hitting the road to blast the idea, saying tolls will rise, along with traffic on other routes because of drivers and truckers trying to avoid paying them. Jerry Wray, director of the Ohio Department of Transportation, and Gene Krebs, a former state representative who's with the Greater Ohio policy center, talk about the pros and cons of privatizing the Ohio Turnpike.
August 26, 2011