DVD : Spotlight: Riffe Gallery - Here's Looking at You: Portraits in Ohio
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The Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery presents Here's Looking at You: Portraits in Ohio from January 27- April 17, 2011.

Curated by Kay Koeninger, the exhibition features 14 Ohio artists who stretch the idea of what a portrait can be. Through their eyes, we see not only the world but ourselves and others in a transformative new light. They are not constrained by a past art form but are energized and profoundly inspired by it, using a variety of mediums-from photography to charcoal to stoneware to acrylic painting-to create unforgettable portraits.

"The Ohio artists whose work is represented here use a dizzying array of approaches and materials," said Curator Kay Koeninger. "Some do portraits of dear friends or of strangers; some do portraits based in fantasy and imagination; others do self-portraits. But despite their variety, all offer us a strong dialogue between viewer and subject that is unique in art; all offer us a unique insight not only into others but also ourselves."

Artists in the show include: Amy Kollar Anderson (Dayton), Leslie Adams (Toledo), Sid Chafetz (Columbus), Ruth Finley (Cleveland), Leesa Haapapuro (Dayton), Marcella Hackbardt (Mount Vernon), Chas Ray Krider (Columbus), Baila Litton (Cleveland), James Pate (Dayton), Ellen Jean Price (Oxford), Leslie Shiels (Cincinnati), Francis Schanberger (Dayton), Marty Shuter (Columbus) and Chun Arthur Wang (Columbus)
January 27, 2011