DVD : Ohio Senate Transportation, Commerce and Workforce Committee - 2-5-2020
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H. B. No. 295
Establish requirements for low-speed electric scooters
5th Hearing, Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party
(Possible Amendments)

S. B. No. 75
Prohibit noncompete clauses in broadcasting industry contracts
1st Hearing, Sponsor

S. B. No. 141
Prohibits noncompete provisions in physician contracts
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 137
Kelly, Vitale
Provide earnings and deductions statements to
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 226
Lepore-Hagan, Cross
Require vehicle operators check for on-track railroad equipment
1st Hearing, Sponsor
February 5, 2020