DVD : Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee - 2-23-2021
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S. B. No. 54GavaroneRegards telecommunications fraud 1st Hearing,Sponsor/Invite OnlyProponent Testimony

S. B. No. 49Hottinger, SykesCreate payment assurance program for designprofessionals1st Hearing,Sponsor

S. C. R. No. 2Rulli, HoaglandUrge CA: Limit Supreme Court to 9 justices 1st Hearing,Sponsor

S. B. No. 16SchafferRegards civil action by, and crimes again, firstresponders2nd Hearing,Proponent(Possible Amendments)

S. B. No. 36Manning,Huffman, S.Revise eligibility for crime victim reparations 2nd Hearing,Opponent/Interested Party(Possible Amendments)
February 23, 2021