DVD : Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee - 1-22-2020
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S. B. No. 156
Prohibits defrauding an alcohol, drug, or urine screening test
3rd Hearing
¿Proponent/Opponent/¿Interested Party
(Possible Sub Bill)

H. B. No. 1
Plummer, Hicks-Hudson
Modify intervention in lieu of conviction/sealing requirements
2nd Hearing,

Sub. H. B. No. 236
Smith, T., Plummer
Add hospital police to the definition of peace officer
2nd Hearing,¿
Proponent/Opponent/¿Interested Party
(Possible Amendments)

S. B. No. 215
Huffman, M.
Enact the Ohio Citizen Participation Act
2nd Hearing,¿
January 22, 2020