DVD : Ohio Senate Health, Human Services and Medicaid Committee - 3-4-2020
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Am. H. B. No. 412
Clites, Ginter
Establish Rare Disease Advisory Council
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 230
Designate Brain Cancer Awareness Month
1st Hearing, Sponsor

S. B. No. 272
Roegner, Blessing
Enter into the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact
1st Hearing, Sponsor

Sub. H. B. No. 224
Cross, Wilkin
Regards practice of certified registered nurse anesthetists
3rd Hearing,
Opponent/Interested Party

Am. H. B. No. 8
Manchester, Galonski
Regards foster caregiver training
3rd Hearing,
Opponent/Interested Party

S. B. No. 126
Authorize crisis assessments of suicidal minors without consent
4th Hearing, Opponent/Interested Party

S. B. No. 252*
Hackett, Craig
Prohibit "fail first" drug coverage for advanced spreading cancer
3rd Hearing, Opponent/Interested Party

H. B. No. 210*
Control tuberculosis in child care settings
4th Hearing, Proponent/Opponent/
Interested Party
(Possible Amendments)
March 4, 2020