DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 1-28-2020
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H.B. No. 408
Rep. Manning, G., Rep. Patton
Regarding children's crisis care facilities
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

H.B. No. 177
Rep. Brinkman
Regards standard care arrangements and prescribing requirements
6th Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 418
Rep. Carruthers, Rep. Clites
Regarding prescription drugs and medication switching
2nd Hearing
Proponent/IP Testimony

H.B. No. 318
Rep. Scherer
Regards sales of kratom products
2nd Hearing
Proponent/IP Testimony

H.B. No. 433
Rep. Lang
Require Medicaid managed care organizations to engage in a competitive selection process when contracting with a laboratory services provider vendor
2nd Hearing
Proponent/IP Testimony

H.B. No. 323
Rep. Manning, D.
Authorize psychologists to prescribe drugs/therapeutic devices
2nd Hearing
Proponent/IP Testimony

H.B. No. 224
Rep. Cross, Rep. Wilkin
Regards practice of certified registered nurse anesthetists
6th Hearing
All Testimony
January 28, 2020