DVD : Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee - 6-27-2019
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H. B. No. 33 - Rep. Lanese, Rep. Carruthers
Establish animal abuse reporting requirements
2nd Hearing - Proponent

H. B. No. 208 - Rep. Roemer, Rep. Miller, J.
Increase penalty for assault if victim a sports official
2nd Hearing - Proponent

H. B. No. 215 - Rep. Boggs, Rep. Carfagna
Modifies Corrections Law, including reentry and GPS monitoring
2nd Hearing - Poss. Am. - Proponent

H. B. No. 205 - Rep. Galonski
Expands immunity for obtaining assistance for drug overdose
3rd Hearing - Opp/IP

A full record of House Committee proceedings is available here: ohiohouse.gov/committee/criminal-justice
June 27, 2019