DVD : Ohio House Civil Justice Committee - 6-22-2021
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H. B. No. 286
Rep. Seitz
Change the venue for appeal from an agency order
5th Hearing
Poss. Vote

H. B. No. 279
Rep. Brown, Rep. Oelslager
Regards wrongful death claims
5th Hearing
Poss. Vote

H. B. No. 350
Rep. Cutrona
Prohibit mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, vaccine proof
1st Hearing

S. B. No. 56
Sen. Blessing
Regulate indemnity clause - certain professional design contracts
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 339
Rep. Swearingen
Regards wills, declarations, living wills, powers of attorney
2nd Hearing
June 22, 2021