DVD : Ohio House Civil Justice Committee - 4-20-2021
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H. B. No. 182

Rep. Upchurch, Rep. Miller, A.

Prohibit discrimination in rental housing based on income

1st Hearing

H. B. No. 162

Rep. Galonski

Remove derogatory disability terminology

3rd Hearing

H. B. No. 222

Rep. Wilkin, Rep. Upchurch

Specify that certain hospital nonprofits are separate entities

2nd Hearing
Poss. Vote

S. B. No. 4

Sen. Roegner

Exempt personal info of certain persons from public records law

4th Hearing
Poss. Vote
Interested Party

H. B. No. 229

Rep. Wilkin, Rep. Swearingen

Provide qualified immunity to camp operators for inherent risks

2nd Hearing
Poss. Am.
April 20, 2021