DVD : Ohio Channel Presents - Understanding What's at Stake for Current Workers and Retirees
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The Congressional Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans holds a field hearing at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio to hear from the public regarding pensions.

The committee is co-chaired by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

Details on the committee are available at pensions.senate.gov .

Speakers include:
- Roberta Dell, Chief Union Steward, Spangler Candy Company, Bryan, OH
- David A. Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Alfred Nickles Bakery Inc., Navarre, OH
- Bill Martin, President, Spangler Candy Company, Bryan, OH
- Brian Slone, Apprentice Instructor, Millwright Local 1090, Dayton, OH
- Mike Walden, President, National United Committee to Protect Pensions, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
- Larry Ward, Retired Coal Miner and Former President of United Mine Workers of America, District 6, Hopedale, OH
July 13, 2018