DVD : Governor John Kasich - Unveiling New Higher Education Funding Recommendations
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Governor John Kasich, Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro, Ohio State University President Dr. E. Gordon Gee, and other college & university presidents unveil new higher education funding recommendations on Nov. 30, 2012.

Highlights of the Ohio Higher Education Funding Commission's Recommendations:
-A majority of state funding at Ohio's universities should only be awarded based on their ability to successfully graduate students
-The funding for community colleges in Ohio should transition from a system that mainly reward enrollment in classes to one that rewards the completion of classes, certificates and degrees
-All university students on all campuses (main or regional) should be tested equally in the funding formula and in any relevant state laws
-Colleges and universities should be rewarded if they attract out-of-state students to Ohio and keep them in the state for employment or continued education
-Historical set-asides and earmarks should be eliminated so that all of the state's funding flows through the new completion-based formula
-Ohio's community colleges should review the current success point incentive system, which has proven very successful, to ensure it is fully capturing the range of activities that lead to completion
-Ohio's community colleges should develop a new degree incentive component for the second year of the biennium that rewards the completion of an associate degree, certificate or transfer to a university
-The Ohio Board of Regents should work with campus leaders and faculty to begin establishing statewide standard for certificates. Once a standard is developed for a specfic certificate, it should be rewarded through the state formula
-A new weighting system is recommended in the second year of the biennium for non-traditional and at-risk students to ensure that Ohio's schools maintain their access mission
November 30, 2012