DVD : Governor John Kasich - Press Conference : Benefits of Extending Medicaid Coverage
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State and local leaders discuss the benefits of extending Medicaid coverage to Ohioans, including benefits for individuals with mental illness and addiction disorders. Proposed changes will allow resources to be directed toward mental health and addiction treatment in an effort to prevent people from getting caught in a revolving door between society and the criminal justice system.

Additional Speakers include:
Greg Moody, Director, Governor's Office of Health Transformation
Tracy Plouck, Director, Dept. of Mental Health
Wayne Risner, Ashland Co. Sheriff
Dane Howard, Huron Co. Sherriff
Rebecca Owens, Board Member, Ashland Co. ADAMH
Steve Stone, Executive Director, Ashland Co. ADAMH
Kim Edwards, Ashland Co. Commissioner

From the Ashland County Courthouse, 2/8/13.
February 8, 2013