DVD : Governor John Kasich - 2018 Midwestern Governors Conference : Using Energy Policy to Drive Economic Development
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The Smartland : Prepared, Agile and Empowered for the Future

The Midwest is home to a diverse energy portfolio that includes conventional energy sources like oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids and coal, as well as renewables like wind, solar, and storage. With an increasingly automated economy that will require a large amount of energy, how can the Midwest maximize these resources to meet this

Speakers Include:
- Ram Sastry, Vice President, Infrastructure & Business Continuity, American Electric Power
- Jake Oster, Head of Energy Policy, Amazon
- Dana Saucier, Jr., Senior Managing Director, Energy and Chemicals, JobsOhio
- Moderator: Asim Z. Haque, Chairman, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
September 19, 2018