DVD : Governor John Kasich - 2018 Midwestern Governors Conference : Education and Workforce Development
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The Smartland : Prepared, Agile and Empowered for the Future

How can we ensure that our workforce has the skills to be viable in the future? We can no longer expect our existing education systems, with their focus on two- and four-year degrees and often change-averse nature, to adequately prepare us. We must respond to employers' demands for specific skills by developing new approaches focused on credentials, competencies, assessments, and certificates-all supported by better advising, mentoring, counseling and apprenticing.

Speakers Include:
- Sebastian Thrun, Chairman and President, Udacity & Chief Executive Officer, Kitty Hawk Corporation
- Darrell West, Vice President, Governance Studies & Director, Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institute
- Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems, Inc.
- Moderator: Dr. David T. Harrison, President, Columbus State Community College
September 20, 2018