DVD : A Forum on the Law - How the Courts Failed Germany November 16, 2010
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Steven C. Hollon
Administrative Director, Supreme Court of Ohio

Richard C. Simpson
Vice-Chair, Ohio Judicial Center Foundation

Eric Brown
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio

Guest Speaker
Dr. William Meinecke Jr.
Historian, Education Division, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Dr. Meinecke will discuss how the role of the German courts and the loss of judicial independence set the stage for Nazi atrocities.

Dr. William Meinecke is an historian in the Education Division of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He received his undergraduate degree in German and history from the University of Maryland, where he also earned his Ph.D. in history. The title of his dissertation was "Conflicting Loyalties: The Supreme Court in Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1945." Meinecke joined the staff of the museum's Wexner Learning Center in 1992. For the next eight years, he assisted in the design of a variety of multimedia education programs, focusing on the Holocaust. He has worked for the past decade with law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors and attorneys in the Law, Justice, and the Holocaust training program. His book, Nazi Ideology and the Holocaust, was published by the museum in December 2007.

The Supreme Court of Ohio extends its sincere appreciation to the Columbus Jewish Federation, Ohio Jewish Communities and the Ohio Judicial Center Foundation for making this evening's program possible. Special thanks also to Justine Reichert of the Supreme Court Office of Public Information and Vikkie Wilson of Meetings & Events.
November 16, 2010