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Wind Energy
The documentary recounts the history of wind power in Ohio and describes the success of Ohio's first commercial wind turbines and what that success means for the future of the state. Almost nobody believed in Ohio's wind power potential when wind tests were first discussed in 1998, but in 2003, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities held a dedication for two, 1.8-megawatt turbines at the Wood County Landfill. Their success led to the installation of two identical turbines in the fall of 2004, turbines owned in part by the municipal utilities of Bowling Green, Cuyahoga Falls, Edgerton, Elmore, Monroeville, Montpelier, Napoleon, Oberlin and Pioneer.

"Wind energy is definitely commercially feasible at this time," says Scherer. "We are going to need more energy as a society. We don't need more pollution. So a significant answer to our energy needs can be wind power - and wind turbines manufactured by Ohio factories." The success of the first wind turbines in Northwest Ohio has sparked testing throughout the state -- in Bryan, Wapakoneta, Sullivan, Cuyahoga Falls, in Lake Erie north of Cleveland and on the Bellville Ridge.