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Supreme Court of Ohio - Case No. 2023-0180 Disciplinary Counsel v. Warner
Disciplinary Counsel v. Jason D. Warner, Case No. 2023-0180
Marion County

Jason Warner was elected in 2018 as a Marion County Common Pleas judge. In June 2020, Warner and his wife, Julie, were in an auto accident. The Warners were driving home and didn't yield to an oncoming vehicle, and the cars collided. The Warners left the accident scene, where the other driver was seriously injured, and didn't report the accident until the next day.

Then-Judge Warner was convicted in March 2021 of complicity for leaving an accident scene and complicity to tampering with evidence. He was sentenced to two years in prison and is currently incarcerated. His wife was also convicted for similar offenses.

Following his conviction, the Supreme Court of Ohio placed the judge on an interim suspension. He resigned from the bench a few months later. The Board of Professional Conduct recommends that the former judge be indefinitely suspended from the practice of law. The board opposes any credit for the time he has been suspended on the interim basis.

The former judge believes the panel that reviewed the disciplinary case didn't give the board all the relevant and undisputed evidence and that he should receive a lesser sanction. Because he objects to the board recommendations, the Supreme Court of Ohio will hear his case during oral arguments.
May 16, 2023