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Remarkable Ohio - The Cleveland Arcade
The Cleveland Arcade opened in May of 1890 as the first indoor shopping center in America.
It quickly became one of downtown Cleveland's most popular landmarks, and other major Cleveland attractions popped up around it. Designed by John M. Eisenmann, creator of Ohio's state flag, and George H. Smith, the Arcade has five-story galleries connecting the ten story towers facing the city's two main thoroughfares. Built from 1875-1900, the Arcade follows in early nineteenth century tradition of covered shopping malls with spacious interiors and natural light courts. Its structure is modeled after the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy. As the Cleveland Arcade began to deteriorate, a public/private partnership was developed to renovate the historic space. Boutique retail, services, a food court, and fine dining comprise the lower two levels, which are open to the public daily. Today, Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Cleveland Arcade occupies the top three levels of the atrium and the two towers. A $60 million renovation was completed in May of 2001, a century after construction, and The Arcade has never looked better. The Arcade was the first building in Cleveland and the ninth in the country to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
October 19, 2016