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Remarkable Ohio - Milton Caniff
Creator of some of America's favorite cartoon characters,
Milton Caniff was born in Hillsboro in 1907 and graduated
from Ohio State University in 1930.

He created his first comic strip in 1932 for the Associated
Press, and in 1934 introduced "Terry and the Pirates," an
innovative serial adventure featuring believable characters
drawn with unprecedented realism.

Caniff's work was enormously popular through the World
War II years for both "Terry" and the comic strip "Male Call,"
which he created for the U.S. military's Camp Newspaper
Service. He subsequently introduced "Steve Canyon" in 1947.

"Steve Canyon" ran for forty-one years until Caniff's death
in 1988. Credited with influencing generations of successful
cartoonists, Caniff brought adventure, suspense, and sensuality
to what had been largely a medium for humor and melodrama.
May 9, 2017