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Remarkable Ohio - Garrison Corner Community
The Garrison family was among the first Europeans to settle this part of southwestern Ohio. Lemuel Garrison Sr. was from Glouster County, N.J. and is listed in the Official Register of the Officers of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War.

Lemuel's son donated the land that was used for a school and a cemetery.

The Garrison Corner School, located northwest of the crossroads, instructed more than 300 students over eighty years. Classes were held here, until the school closed in 1929.

Burials at Garrison Cemetery took place for nearly a century beginning in the 1830s. There are 327 lots, eighty-six, of which, are documented and identified. These include descendants belonging to the families of Garrison, Rhude, Knicely, Gustin, Wayson, Morlan, Ridgeway, & Williamson.

Watching over this necropolis, stands an elegant granite monument, in-scripted for the Union soldiers who died in the service of their country and whose bodies didn't come home. It reads: "They live in the memory of their families forever, although their remains were never returned to the Garrison Cemetery".

The reverse side of the monument is dedicated to the individuals buried here, who have not been identified, but are still remembered.¿

The Garrison Corner Community,¿ not forgotten, and part of a Remarkable Ohio.
July 27, 2018