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Regional P-16 Conference in Cleveland - Strengthening and Sustaining Your P-16 Council
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, ideastream, and Northeast Ohio's P-16 Program Directors invite you to a Regional P-16 Conference on Monday, February 7, 2011. Creating a coordinated system of education that aligns our goals from early childhood through college, career preparation and beyond will help us better prepare our students for the changing economy.

The conference aims to:

Convene and connect P-16 advocates and leaders from across Northeast and North Central Ohio

Share best practices for the building and sustaining of P-16 programs in a diverse range of communities

Give voice to the efforts of P-16 councils at the state and federal policy levels

Leverage government and non-profit resources to achieve P-16 goals for individual councils

You will have the opportunity to hear from leaders and fellow P-16 advocates on:

Building Your P-16 Council - A Grassroots Approach

Maintaining and Sustaining a Diverse, Integrated P-16 Council

P-16 Policy with State and Federal Government Representatives