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Plugged-In - How 3-D Really Works
Cyberspace Solutions

In the scientific community there is little question that climate change is occurring and that human activities are the major cause. New solutions could address the problem more efficiently if scientists were connected to each other to share ideas, research and compiled data. At UT a cyber-enabled learning community called CAMEL (Climate, Adaptation, Mitigation, and E-Learning) is being developed to bring the climate scientists of the world together.

Creating the 3rd Dimension: How 3-D really Works

A look at a couple of technologies, one at UT Dept of Engineering where 3-D models are being built and presented through the innovative efforts of students. Also, Regional Growth Partnership is working with a start-up called Tech Tol that has a 3-D chamber to create computer models. The chamber has 15 camera and photographs subject, person or thing, from all angles. A software element then knits those together as a life-like seamless 3-D computer image. Homeland security has interest for identifying people.

Lives Revitalized: Treatments for Parkinson's

Parkinson's disease is a chronic movement disorder that effects nearly one million people in the US. The disease can cause slowness of movement, tremors and loss of balance and progressively worsens over time. Doctors and researchers in the University of Toledo's Department of Neurology are helping improve the lives of patients with Parkinson's disease. Katie Colosimo reports.
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We Are Family

UT's Center for Family Business provides opportunities for faculty and students to learn more about Family Business in a variety of ways. 90% of all American businesses are family-owned enterprises and 94% of Ohio workers are employed by family businesses. Some unique challenges face these businesses during a tough economy. The College of Business Administration at UT provides resources, capable interns and insight to help grow the foundation of the American marketplace.
January 1, 2000