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Oak Openings Region: Discovering Natural Heritage
Oak Openings Region: Discovering Our Natural Heritage profiles the dedicated citizens striving to create a network of natural spaces to connect a 130-square-mile ecosystem in northwest Ohio. The Oak Openings Region, designated by the Nature Conservancy as "one of America's Last Great Places," is one of the last examples of an enormous system of oak savannas and wet prairies. The program contains stunning video of rare flora and fauna living within the region, including brilliant blue lupines, black and white oaks, the elusive spotted turtle and the endangered karner blue butterfly. In an effort to save the Oak Openings Regions, environmentalists and developers have partnered to create ways to use the land while still protecting the region's indigenous plants and wildlife. Homeowners and retail establishments agreed to leave a portion of their land wild, in effect creating a continuous "green ribbon" corridor set aside to nurture the area's plants and animals.