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Momentum - Excellence at the Speed of Dance - One World, One Water: The Story of Drip and Drop
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BalletMet Momentum is a program that engages 4th-grade students in movement, music, choreography and uses dance as a springboard to help children develop excellence, discipline and self-confidence. All classes integrate the Ohio Dept. of Education's Dance Content Standards. Participating students present a year-end performance on stage.

The 2014 program stars students and school staff members performing "One World, One Water: The Story of Drip and Drop".

The Show:
H2O: The Beginning
Water Cycle: Passport to Precipitation
Rain in Africa: Boom! Rain Falls Down
Water Collection Day: Every Drop Counts
Rain In Columbus: Downpour in the 614
Drink 8 TO Hydrate: Drink Up!
Learn To Conserve: Don't Let The Tap Run
Fun in the River: Go With The Flow
Pollution In The River: Rubbish and Runoff
Water Treatment: Pollution Solution
Party At Bicentennial Park: Get Down, Downtown!
We Are All Connected: One World
We All Play a Part: One Water
May 16, 2014