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Finer With Age - Elder Abuse
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Segment 1: Each year, between 500,000 and five million older Americans are abused, neglected or exploited. Elder abuse includes physical, emotional and sexual abuse, exploitation, neglect and abandonment. No one deserves to be abused or neglected, especially by those they have entrusted with their care and well being. Carol Dayton, the steering Committee Chair for the Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services, and Dr. Georgia J. Anetzberger, Consultant and Research Associate with Visiting Nurse Association Healthcare Partners of Ohio, discuss elder abuse, how to identify it and what we can do to prevent it.

Segment 2: To heighten the visibility of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation, the National Council on Aging, or NCOA, has partnered with the human rights organization WITNESS. WITNESS is an international organization that specializes in using video to create social change and protect human rights. Through collecting powerful video stories of older Americans who have suffered from elder abuse, like the examples in this segment, NCOA and WITNESS seek to empower older adults by allowing them to share their powerful and sometimes heart-rending stories.
October 1, 2009