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Finer With Age - CPR & Autumn Adventures
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Segment 1: Almost everyone knows what CPR is, but most of us would be frightened if faced with having to actually use it in an emergency. Seniors - who most often are around other seniors - are the most likely to need CPR. Basic CPR is something we all should learn; it could save the life of your spouse, your best friend or your neighbor. Alonzo King, the coordinator of the 50 year plus program with the Columbus Division of Fire, demonstrates how easy it is to learn basic CPR and how we can remain calm and assist someone in need.

Segment 2: Fall is the perfect time for a day trip or a stay-cation close to home. Alicia Reece, the Assistant State Tourism Director, returns to Finer with Age to talk about fall fun and autumn adventures we can have right here in Ohio.
September 1, 2009