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Feagler and Friends - Election Wrap-Up

Christine Fowler-Mack, Chief of New & Innovative Schools for the Cleveland Metropolitan District

For the past two months, Cleveland school leaders have campaigned for issue 107 in hopes to win voter approval of a 15 million dollar school operating levy that would deal with the systems chronic budget problems while carrying out planned reform in the classroom. Even though it has faced some opposition, on Tuesday all the hard work paid off as the levy won support from more than 55 percent of voters, which means the pressure is on to deliver results within the next four years when the levy will expire.


Henry Gomez, politics reporter, The Plain Dealer; Bill Sheil, weekend anchor, Fox 8 News; Ed Esposito, news director, WAKR

Obama Wins Four More Years

Democrats celebrated early Wednesday morning when President Barack Obama was named the winner over Mitt Romney for the 2012 Presidential election with more than 300 electoral votes. And now with four more years to go, he must prepare to move forward with his healthcare plan, fixing urgent economic and fiscal challenges and dealing with a still-divided Congress.

Sherrod Brown Wins The Senate

Democrat Sherrod Brown wins re-election to the U. S. Senate over his Republican opponent Josh Mandel in one of the most expensive and closely watch match ups in the country. Sherrod Brown made the auto industry bailout a key campaign issue, highlighting Mandel's opposition to the rescue that affected nearly 800,000 Ohio jobs. Brown will remain in the Senate for the next 6 years.

Issue 2 Fails Big Time

Ohio voters rejected the proposal of issue 2 that called for a renovation to the state's redistricting process. The issue has been criticized for being too wordy and convoluted albeit well intentioned. Issue 2 proposed that instead of the redistricting process being in the hands of the General Assembly, a 12-member partisan and non-partisan commission would do the job. The issue was defeated by a 92 percent vote.
November 9, 2012