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Feagler and Friends - Back to School
Newsmaker: Tom Bier, Senior Fellow, Cleveland State University
Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs have seen a lot of changes in population throughout the years. In the 60s and 70s the white flight took a lot of families out of the city and into the suburbs and within the last decade, there was a black flight that accelerated toward the level of the white flight-making it the prime reason Cleveland lost a staggering 17% of its population. But with all the changing tides, Cleveland has still been able to stay afloat, partly because of the young professionals that have recently been drawn to live and populate the city once again.

Roundtable: Jill Miller Zimon, Blogger, Write Like She Talks; Sharon Broussard, Editorial Writer, Northeast Ohio Media Group; Greg Saber, Freelance Journalist

Changing Demographics of Cleveland

Our roundtable guests talk about the change in Cleveland's demographics and the developments on the lakefront.


Summer is over and kids are headed back to school, but are the schools ready for them? Well according to the Ohio Department of Education, more than 300 public school districts and charter schools claim they are not prepared for Ohio's new third-grade reading guarantee, which takes effect this year. The new rule requires students to be proficient in reading before advancing to fourth grade, and requires schools to be staffed with teachers who have special reading certifications to work with children falling behind.

Grocery Store Battles

You might want to duck and cover, or else you could get caught in the cross-fire of a good old fashion food fight-grocery store style. All this summer it seems there are new spots for high-end supermarkets being announced or opening at a dizzying rate. The good news? Customers will have plenty of options to satisfy all their foodie needs, but on the flip side, store owners will have a heck of a lot more competition. Early this week, on the same day the local Akron chain-Acme Fresh Market broke ground for the company's first new store location in 20 years, Giant Eagle officials confirmed that it is upgrading its nearby store into a gourmet emporium - the Market District.
August 23, 2013