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Feagler and Friends - A Controversial Law Enforcement Technique
Roundtable: Bob Dyer, columnist, Akron Beacon Journal; Elizabeth Sullivan, Opinion Director, Northeast Ohio Media Group; Mike Walker, executive director, Partnership for a Safer Cleveland.

Facial Recognition-Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine acknowledges law enforcement agencies have used a type of computer software to track hundreds of suspected criminals. Facial recognition software is used to compare surveillance images with driver license photos. DeWine drew criticism for not publicly disclosing the system when it went online in June.

From the Gridiron to the Corner Office-former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel today enjoys a somewhat lower-profile job as vice president of student success at the University of Akron. Current president Luis Proenza will retire at the end of the academic year and the Akron rumor mill is busily grinding on the name of a possible successor: Tressel.

I Have a Dream-the nation this week marked the 50th anniversary of the seminal public event of the civil rights movement, the March on Washington where Martin Luther King delivered a speech from which 'I have a dream' was the memorable refrain. March was followed by passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts and occasions debate today over just how much progress the movement has wrought.

Syria Saber-Rattling-the Obama administration is cautiously making a case for possible U.S. intervention in the long and bloody Syrian civil war. Evidence of a chemical weapons attack that killed and injured civilians prompted President Obama to say the U.S. might target Syrian government forces with a 'shot across the bow,' despite the absence of proof that they were behind the attack. House speaker John Boehner wants the President to explain how attacking Syria will serve U.S. objectives.
August 30, 2013