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Columbus Metropolitan Club - 6-7-2023 - Addressing the Consequences of Redlining
The development of many American cities has been profoundly shaped by "redlining," a process dating to the 1930s of deliberately dividing urban areas primarily by race. Once a federal policy, redlining produced maps determining which areas of a city were considered "safe" for investment and growth, and which were not, with red lines drawn around those areas deemed to be unsuitable for lending. Redlining was a widely practiced means of ensuring a racially segmented city and placed minorities at a severe disadvantage when trying to obtain banking or insurance services. The effects of the practice led to spiraling urban decay in redlined neighborhoods and are still highly evident in cities like Columbus. Today, the advent of community land trusts, more equitable property tax appraisal practices, and the growth of minority-owned banks are attempting to address the consequences of redlining. Join CMC as we look at the impact of redlining in Columbus and new efforts to heal its deep divisions.

Featuring Jordan Miller, Chairman & CEO, Adelphi Bank, Danielle Sydnor, CEO, Rise Together Innovation Institute, and Nicole Sutton, Black Heritage Special Collections Librarian, Columbus Metropolitan Library, with host Tracy Townsend, Anchor, Wake Up CBUS and Face the State, WBNS 10TV.
June 7, 2023