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City Club of Cleveland - John Ging, UN Refugee and Works Agency
John Ging is the current director of operations for the UN Refugee and Works Agency in Gaza. He has been outspoken about the recent battle that taking place between Israel and Gaza and how that has affected the people of Gaza. The UN agency runs by far the largest aid operation in Gaza, providing food aid to around 80% of the population and educating 200,000 children, as well as operating health and social services and microfinance projects. Ging is quoted as saying: "It is a disaster for everybody because it's touching everybody in every aspect of their life, from the moment you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night...The way things have been reduced here, there's a very sub-human existence for the general population." Ging said the delivery of aid was "inadequate for the basic needs of the population."
April 3, 2009