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City Club of Cleveland - 1-25-2019 - Redesigning Public Education Systems for Today's (and Tomorrow's) World
Public education is at a crucial turning point both here and around the world. The emergence of innovative - and sometimes disruptive - technologies, changing demographics, an increase in economic disparities, and shifting demands from an increasingly global economy all call us to rethink the way we educate our young people.

Linda Darling-Hammond, Ph.D. has been one of the most influential education policy scholars for the last several decades. She'll explain the current state of today's society and economy and the implications for redesigning public schools and systems and share best practices from states that are taking advantage of the new federal law (the Every Student Succeeds Act) to support college and career ready preparation for a rapidly changing world, to incorporate the social and emotional skills businesses are requesting and citizens need, and to create supportive, personalized environments for learning that allow every child to succeed.


Linda Darling-Hammond, Ph.D.
President, Learning Policy Institute, and Charles E. Ducommum Professor of Education Emeritus, Stanford University

Robyn Minter Smyers
President, Board of Directors, The City Club of Cleveland
January 25, 2019