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City Club of Cleveland - 1-11-2019 - Ohio 2019: Searching of Statewide Solutions
After the midterm elections, Republicans will maintain control of the state's highest offices. Upon assuming office, Governor-elect Mike DeWine will confront a myriad of policy challenges including crafting Ohio's next two-year budget, improving public education, addressing workforce development needs, combating the opioid epidemic, deciding the future of Medicaid expansion, and redrawing the state's congressional maps. What should the priorities be? What types of changes can we expect?

John R. Corlett, President and Executive Director for The Center for Community Solutions, the nonpartisan think tank focused on solutions to health, social, and economic issues, offers his perspectives. Mr. Corlett, a public policy guru, has held leadership roles in both the public and private sectors, including serving as vice president for government relations and community affairs at The MetroHealth System, and as the State of Ohio's Medicaid Director.


John R. Corlett, President and Executive Director, The Center for Community Solutions

Kristen Morris, Chief Government and Community Relations Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Dan Moulthrop, CEO, The City Club of Cleveland
January 11, 2019