00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:45S.B. No. 191
00:01:11Testimony - Andrea Yagoda, Proponent
00:04:08S.B. No. 233
00:04:39S.B. No. 383
00:05:00Testimony - Judi Phelps, Proponent
00:06:00Roll Call
00:10:59Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:14:46Q&A - Sen. Thomas
00:17:29Q&A - Sen. Coley
00:41:27Testimony - John Weber, National Rifle Association
00:45:28Q&A - Sen. Thomas
00:52:33Q&A - Sen. Hoagland
00:56:55Testimony - Dean Rieck, Buckeye Firearms Association
01:00:19Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:01:36Roll Call
01:02:17Sub. H. B. 282
01:03:36Testimony - Michael Rogers, Dir of Policy and Legislation, Ohio Attorney General's Office
01:06:07Q&A - Sen. Coley
01:08:31Q&A - Sen. Hoagland
01:10:01Testimony - Roger Eckelberry, VFW Dept of Ohio
01:21:04Q&A - Sen. Coley
01:29:19Q&A - Sen. Hoagland
01:32:36Testimony - Chris Stanley, Fisher/Nightingale Houses, Inc.
01:39:59Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:42:06Testimony - Todd Reveron, VFW Dept of Ohio
01:49:21Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:50:11Q&A - Sen. Coley
02:12:42Q&A - Sen. Thomas
02:14:11Testimony - Traci Washington, Former U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs
02:21:21Testimony - Adam Carr, Save a Warrior
02:27:00Q&A - Sen. Hoagland
02:28:04Testimony - Edward Olsen, American Legion #535
02:35:45Q&A - Sen. Fedor
02:42:20Testimony - Richard Schuck, American Legion Post #268
02:46:16Q&A - Sen. Coley
02:48:29Testimony - Sean Ennis, Honor Fight Cleveland
02:52:20Testimony - Don McCauley, AMVETS Dept. of Ohio
02:55:25Q&A - Sen. Coley
02:56:50Testimony - Rev. Morris Eason, Round 1 Ministries
03:08:18Testimony - Archbishop Dr. Christine Johnson, Proponent
03:31:43Comments - Sen. Coley
03:34:11Testimony - Suzette Heller, American Legion
03:43:05Q&A - Sen. Coley
03:50:04Q&A - Sen. Craig
03:54:43Q&A - Sen. Thomas
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