00:00:01Reconvene Session
00:00:23Testimony - Julie Ehemann, County Commissions Associations Of Ohio
00:04:34Testimony - Williams Lyons,
00:12:16Testimony - Heidi Fought, Ohio Township Association
00:19:24Q&A - Sen. Eklund
00:19:57Q&A - Sen. Dolan
00:20:25Q&A - Sen. Burke
00:21:37Testimony - Keary McCarth, Ohio Mayor Alliance
00:28:28Testimony - Kent Scarrett, Ohio Municipal League
00:42:27Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
00:43:41Q&A - Testimony - Kevin Robinson, City Of Dublin, Ohio Municipal League
00:49:07Q&A - Sen. Dolan
00:49:38Testimony - Mike Barhorst, City Of Sidney, Ohio Municipal League
00:59:13Testimony - Jenna Beadle, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
01:06:16Testimony - Jason Warner, Greater Ohio Policy Center
01:14:48Testimony - Robert Schlicher, Muskingum Iron & Metal Co. And Ohio Homland Security
01:20:20Testimony - Josh Joseph, Muskingum & Metal Co. and Ohio Homeland Security
01:24:00Testimony - Alan Harold, County Auditors Association of Ohio
01:28:07Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:29:55Testimony - Ashon Mckenzie, Children's Defense Fund-Ohio
01:38:15Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:38:58Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:41:38Testimony - Trent Dougherty, Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund
01:47:12Testimony - Tony Long, Ohio Chamber
01:53:43Testimony - Steve Millard, Ohio Metro Chambers
01:57:15Testimony - Bob Sielschott, Sielschott, Walsh, Keifer, Regula & Sherer CPAs, Inc.
02:08:10Q&A - Sen. Antonio
02:10:40Q&A - Sen. Kunze
02:12:46Q&A - Sen. Sykes
02:15:08Testimony - Clara Osterhage, R L O, INC.
02:22:13Testimony - Albert Macre, CPA, Albert F. Macre & Company
02:32:10Testimony - Lisa Crosely, Envirocontrol Systems, INC.
02:46:40Testimony - David Bothe, Allstates Refractory Contractors
02:52:27Testimony - Bill Patterson, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
02:57:45Q&A - Sen. Sykes
02:58:30Testimony - Don Deperro, Columbus Chamber of Commerce
03:04:23Testimony - Chris Reese, Ohio Realtors
03:08:33Testimony - Joe Cannon, Ohio Auto Dealers Association
03:12:57Testimony - Tom Wolf, Ohio Small Business Council
03:18:56Testimony - Tom Secor, Ohio Small Business Council
03:22:56Testimony - Heather Yakes, Actioncoach Central Ohio
03:31:21Testimony - Greg Saul, The Ohio Society of CPAS
03:36:13Q&A - Sen. Sykes
03:36:56Testimony - Tom Balzer, Ohio Trucking Association
03:38:58Q&A - Sen. Burke
03:40:02Q&A - Sen. Antonio
03:41:35Testimony - Michael Stanek, Greater Cleveland Partnership / Council of Smaller Enterprises
03:44:17Testimony - Angela Krile, Krile Communications
03:50:35Testimony - Kyle Lewis, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
03:56:22Testimony - David Froling, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
04:03:23Testimony - Stacey Heaton, Ohio Aviation Association
04:13:54Q&A - Sen. Dolan
04:17:00Testimony - Bradley Ferrell, Netjets
04:25:30Q&A - Sen. Kunze
04:26:03Q&A - Sen. Antonio
04:30:14Testimony - Kelly Grelis, Union Home Mortgage
04:32:04Q&A - Sen. Dolan
04:32:32Testimony - Julie Booth, Quicken Loans
04:37:01Q&A - Sen. Eklund
04:40:06Q&A - Sen. Burke
04:42:10Testimony - Gina Wilt, COHHIO
04:45:22Testimony - Nate Coffman, Ohio CDC Association
04:50:30Testimony - Jerry Snodgrass, Ohio High School Athletic Association
05:03:22Q&A - Sen. Dolan
05:04:37Testimony - Dr. Deborah Moore, Ohio High School Athletic Association
05:05:44Q&A - Sen. Dolan
05:07:58Testimony - Greg R. Lawson, The Buckeye Institute
05:18:06Testimony - Michael Dalton, The Metrohealth System
05:22:37Testimony - Wendy Patton, Policy Matters Ohio
05:27:53Testimony - Barbara Shaner, Ohio Association of School Business Officials Buckeye Association of School Administrators
05:33:30Testimony - Thomas Ash, Ohio Association of School Business Officials Buckeye Association of School Administrators
05:38:45Q&A - Sen. Eklund
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