00:00:05Roll Call
00:02:45Jack Marchbank, Director of The Ohio Department of Transportation - Testimony
00:20:35Rep. Jon Cross - Q&A
00:23:35Rep. Bridge Rose Sweeney - Q&A
00:25:38Rep. Brigid Kelly - Q&A
00:28:57Rep. Stephanie Howse - Q&A
00:34:37Rep. Jay Edwards - Q&A
00:38:17Rep. John Patterson - Q&A
00:41:58Rep. Stephen Hambley - Q&A
00:44:40Rep. Rick Carfagna - Q&A
00:47:30Rep. Bill Roemer - Q&A
00:48:32Rep. Dave Greenspan Q&A
00:53:45Rep. Micheal Skindell - Q&A
01:01:17Rep. Gary Scherer - Q&A
01:03:56Rep. Micheal O'Brien - Q&A
01:06:51Rep. James Hoops - Q&A
01:09:35Rep. Shane Wilkin - Q&A
01:11:14Rep. John Rogers - Q&A
01:15:24Rep. Brigid Kelly - Q&A
01:18:15Rep. Bridge Rose Sweeney - Q&A
01:21:55Rep. Brian Baldridge - Q&A
01:23:35Rep. Tracy Richardson - Q&A
01:24:27Rep. John Patterson - Q&A
01:29:01Rep. Jay Edwards - Q&A
01:31:59Rep. Adam Miller - Q&A
01:35:43Rep. Michael O'Brien - Q&A
01:37:54Rep. Erica Crawley - Q&A
01:38:57Rep. Jon Cross- Q&A
01:41:19Rep. James Butler - Q&A
01:41:50Rep. Rick Perales - Q&A
01:44:26Rep. Sara Carruthers - Q&A
01:46:57Curtis Stitt, Ohio Public Transit Association - Testimony
01:58:53Rep. Dave Greenspan - Q&A
02:03:39Rep. Erica Crawley - Q&A
02:08:26Rep. John Patterson - Q&A
02:10:28Rep. Sara Carruthers - Q&A
02:14:33Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson - Q&A
02:17:49Jason Warner, Greater Ohio Policy Center - Testimony
02:23:59Rep. John Patterson - Q&A
02:28:27Rep. Gary Scherer - Q&A
02:29:52Robert Fowler, Ohio Association of Public Safety Directors - Testimony
02:37:15Steve Stolte, Union County Board of Commissioners - Testimony
02:43:44Rep. Micheal O'Brien - Q&A
02:47:09David Pritchard, Proponent - Q&A
02:54:00Rep. Stephanie Howse - Q&A
02:55:36Rep. John Patterson - Comment
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