DVD : Supreme Court of Ohio - Case No. 2014-1161 Grange Mutual Casualty Company v. World Harvest Church
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Grange Mutual Casualty Company v. World Harvest Church, Case No. 2014-1161

Tenth District Court of Appeals (Franklin County)


-Does an abuse or molestation exclusion clause from a commercial insurance policy permit an insurer to deny coverage for any damages assessed against a company and its employees in a lawsuit claiming a form of abuse?

-If the exclusion does not specifically exclude damages imposed on the employer held responsible for the acts of its employee, does the insurer have to pay the damages claim?

-If the insurer must pay the company's claim for damages based on the act of the employee, does it also have to pay the entire attorney fees and post-judgment interest award assessed in a lawsuit against the employer and the employee?
October 13, 2015