DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 12-10-2019
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S. B. No. 97
Sen. Huffman
Relates to providing estimates for health care preauthorization
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

S. B. No. 58
Sen. Gavarone
Regards restoring competency for mentally ill charged with crime
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

H.B. No. 224
Rep. Cross, Rep. Wilkin
Regards practice of certified registered nurse anesthetists
5th Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 329
Rep. Lightbody, Rep. Hillyer
Prohibit sun lamp tanning services for those under 18
2nd Hearing
Proponent/IP Testimony

H.B. No. 412
Rep. Clites, Rep. Ginter
To establish the Rare Disease Advisory Council.
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

H.B. No. 383
Rep. Clites
To designate March as "Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month."
2nd Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 341
Rep. Ginter
Regards administering addiction treatment drugs
4th Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 151
Rep. Carfagna
Affects chiropractors-loan repayment program/revise law
5th Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 365
Rep. G. Manning
To revise the requirements for a chemical dependency counselor II license.
3rd Hearing
Opponent/IP Testimony
December 10, 2019